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by Nishadie Gunathilaka -
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Arts Council of University of Colombo is going to organize a singing competition (Sinhala &Tamil) among our undergraduates with the purpose of  bringing them back to normal for their studies and minimize their stress caused due to covid 19. This event is known as “Sarasavi Miyesiya”, an inter-faculty singing competition to be organized in accordance with the health regulations. Each faculty has to select ten (10) candidates from their faculty by themselves and send the list to Arts Council (Student welfare branch or SSC office) in the attached form to be signed by Dean of the Faculty on or before 21 of January.  

The second round of competition will be held on the 31of January with participation of 80 students (10x8) from all faculties. Twenty four (24) competitors out of 80 will be selected for the final competition to be held on the 14 February. The second and final round selection will be done by the external panel of judges. It is also encouraged to have some students who can sing in Tamil songs too from faculty level. I know that it is a big challenge to select ten students from your larger population from your faculty in this short period. We also find it difficult to extend the time since the arts council finishes its term of office by the 15th of February. 

All the relevant information are provided with the attached documents and the translated Tamil information will be sent soon.  All the participants and winners will be awarded with certificates and some trophies for the first three places of final competition. For any further information, please feel free to contact me. 0714188710. I am copying this letter to the senior student counselor and all permanent faculty counselors in order to make this task easier.

Registration Link  (on or before 12th Jan 2022)

Please find the below attached folder for more details.