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    Information on Confirmed COVID 19 cases in Faculty

    by Dr. Anushka Elvitigala -

    Dear All,

    As informed by senior student counselors office of the university, if anyone or any close relation of your family is currently or past confirmed with COVID-19, please fill the google sheet by accessing the link below. Select your relevant sheet according to the batch.


    "FLATTENING THE CURVE" - Creative artwork competition

    by Nishadie Gunathilaka -

    We, the students of the Rotaract club of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka are planning to conduct a creative artwork competition under the theme; "FLATTENING THE CURVE".

    This competition is open to all University Students in Sri Lanka. All creations will be posted on our official Facebook page and the winners will be selected under the best category and the most popular category. 
    We would really appreciate it if you could inform the students of your faculty about this competition.
    Kindly refer to the attached documents and the guidelines. Thank you for your time, courtesy and consideration.
    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely,

    Dumindu Rashan,
    Rotaract Club of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka.

    🎨 # Flattening the curve
    Creative artwork competition.

    🎨Cash Prizes for Winners 
    E- certificate will be provided for all participants 

    🎨Theme- "Raise awareness and visibility of the current COVID-19 pandemic and our responsibilities as individuals and as a society against the invisible enemy, the virus"

    Creative artworks will be organized under 4 categories.
        1. Arts (Hand drawn/digital)
        2. Poems
        3. Facebook posts
        4. Short Videos    
    🎨All must be submitted digitally
    🎨Language can be either Sinhala/ English
    🎨All your artwork will be published through our Facebook page
    🎓🎓 The competition is open to all University Students. 🎓🎓
    🎨Submit all your creative artworks on or before the 21st of September 2021 to our email

    🎨Organized by- Rotaract Club of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

    ☎️ Tharindu - 077 5893025
           Shehan - 0761900609

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