This course is designed for provide your feed back on the courses you studied with in the relevant semester and the respective lectures and instructors about their engagement in teaching and learning.  

This course introduces the basic statistical concepts and techniques. Students will learn how to apply statistics to their research. The topics covered includes: levels of measurements; frequency distribution; measures of central tendency; measures of variability; normal distribution and standard scores; t-test, correlation; interpreting correlation coefficients; prediction and regression; statistical inference; hypothesis testing; non-parametric statistical tests.

This is the fourth and final segment of a four part course module that will impart knowledge on medical surgical conditions and the nursing principles needed to give comprehensive nursing care to adolescents and adults. The topics covered includes: nursing management of patients with cardio vascular disorders - part II, patients with neurologic disorders - part II, patients with musculo-skeletal disorders, patients with dermatologic disorders, patients with sensory disorders, patients with altered immune responses, patients with acute poisoning.