This course is designed for provide your feed back on the courses you studied with in the relevant semester and the respective lectures and instructors about their engagement in teaching and learning.  

This is the first segment of a course module comprising of three parts that will impart knowledge on maternity nursing and the nurse’s role in sex education, premarital counseling, maternal care at all stages and family planning. This subject will also provide students a foundation of knowledge on the nurses’ role of child health nursing. The topics covered include: introduction to maternity nursing; anatomy and physiology of female reproductive system; normal pregnancy; physiological and psychological changes during pregnancy; nutritional needs during pregnancy; childbirth education; abnormal pregnancy; major and minor complications during pregnancy; caring for mothers with high risk; physiological and psychological changes during labour; nursing management and care during the labour; newborn resuscitation; management of puerperium; physiological and psychological changes during postpartum period; complications during postpartum period; nursing management and care for mother and family during postpartum period; care for newborns; complications during neonatal period; domiciliary care of the mother and neonate.